The Art of Jason O'Connor


What is Urban Tribalism?

Urban Tribalism, is not mine and I dont own it. It is not a brand or a trend. It is a style of cultural art that I see people doing around the world. In my opinion it combines esoteric symbols, elemental cultural motifs, and humans in an expansive universal environment. My hand-cut stencils mimic ancient pigment through a reed to make modern cave paintings for our dwellings. Your interpretation is the only one that matters when viewing my work. I hope to inspire a sense of humanism, peace, and hope while highlighting humanity's connectedness with the universe and energies surrounding us.I like bright candy coloured work: stencils and collage elements. Currently, I work out of my acreage studio in Sylvan Lake. Alberta, while travelling back to Calgary every week to get my essential dose of the city I love so much.


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